Leung & Wan is the collaborative work of UK producer Benjamin Leung (a.k.a. Rodi Style) and Canadian producer Chris Wan (a.k.a. Status Wan). Originally hailing from Canada, the duo first made their break though with their club favorite "A Still Moment", which with the help of producer Michael Parsberg (of Safri Duo) made it's way onto various compilations, including the platinum selling series Tunnel Trance Force. Their follow up single "Memories" featuring the vocal talents of Jessica Chung was also well received, seeing a release on Tunnel Records (Germany) and obtaining top 20 chart position on the Danish and German club charts.

With 2008 nearing a close, there have been many changes to the Leung & Wan production team. Most notably with Leung's relocation to the UK after becoming a resident for the hard dance mega label Tidy Trax. However despite the distance, Leung & Wan has still been working hard on forthcoming projects with their ever shifting sound bordering closer to House and progressive. Still maintaining their love for melodies and, the two focus on making music without boundaries.

As performing artists, the two have proven time and time again with their technical abilities with their passion for fx altered and unique sets. The two are careful when selecting tracks in their performances that will both capture new audiences, but maintain a hypnotic flow at the right time of the night. Long held as one of Canada's best house/trance teams, the two have played alongside nearly every major artist in the world who have reached the cold north, including Armin Van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Fragma/Inpetto, Marcel Woods, Marco V, Johan Gielen, Judge Jules and many others.